I have been running Feral Art for over 20 years, and it’s been constantly evolving.

I started off creating and maintaining websites for small businesses and helping with their social media, running a local newspaper, and working with historians to publish references and war diaries.

In between I worked on my own artworks, mainly photography based, with the occasional drawn and painted piece, mostly environment based and always with a story in mind.

Recently I’ve been thinking how to go through my next evolution, wanting to bring something more arty into Feral Art, but knowing I have the knowledge to help people find information when it comes to navigating new areas of their business.

So this reincarnation of the Feral Art website will encompass all my loves and be an overview blog of what I’m working on during a normal week.

Here you will find links to my current artworks; works in progress and where to buy; projects I’m working on, information on photography, passive income/print on demand services, various selling platforms, useful apps and programs, and resources I’ve found useful.

I will have some affiliate links scattered through my blog posts, but only when I find a resource or program I have used myself and found worth considering.