From Farms to Suburbia

Cover for From Farms to Suburbia
Inside view of From Farms to Suburbia

Book layout and cover design for From Farms to Suburbia. The Development of Mooroolbark.

Mooroolbark has always been prized territory.

It is part of the sacred home land of the Wurundjeri people, it was valued by the original Europeans settlers for its abundant grazing land, it was hailed for decades as prime pastures for dairying and its subdivisions have made cherished homes for thousands of suburbanites.

The story of the evolution of Mooroolbark from farm land to the most populated suburb in the district is a reflection of how highly thought of it is. Rich soil, beautiful scenic surrounds and park lands, access to a railway and a thriving business and community centre are just some of its assets.

Its record is unique and there is only one company who can chronicle it – Methven Professionals. We have played a large and consistent part in its development, we were there during those heady days when paddocks were rapidly turned into streets and avenues and we have found accommodation for thousands of its residents to call home. We have also played an active part in supporting and growing its community.

We are proud to present its story.
Geoff Earney, Director, Methven Professionals

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