Fun with Editorial Mixed Media FX Photoshop Plugin

In my last post I reviewed the The Creative Designer’s Spectacular Toolbox from Design Cuts.

In particular I wanted to try out the Photoshop plugin Editorial Mixed Media FX, which I’ve now been able to do and would like to share what I’ve created and a few extra thoughts.

Initially the plugin didn’t install properly for me. The folder it’s supposed to go into doesn’t exist on my computer, but my computer also has a mind of its own so I expected this based on past experiences.
Luckily it’s easy to open up your photo, colour block the part you want to be the focus and go to File>Scripts>Browse to run the script. Doing it this way gives me an extra step each time. But there’s also an FX Box you can download from The Orange Box which allows it to work properly for me straight away.

My first experiment was the cat, just to see the process, and it turned out not bad.

Being World Photography Day I then decided to use a photo I took last year of a vintage Kodak camera, and loved the result (so much I put it in my RedBubble shop –

Vintage camera with Mixed Media effect

I noted originally that it looked like you would need a main focus of your photo and not much in the background.
The plugin seems to take the background and use it in the effect, so if it’s a very busy background can look quite distracting, as seen in the before and after photos below (the bottom image is straight after the effect has been added with no extra edits).

Mixed media effect before and after

The bonus is when creating your colour block you don’t need to be really accurate. In fact it’s sometimes better to not be as this will add to the effect.

I have only used this for a short while. So far the results seem pretty consistent with the output (again seen in the unedited results of the two photos above). So I would like to experiment a bit more to get some really stand out results.

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