Hidden Histories of Mount Evelyn

Website design and code of Hidden Histories of Mount Evelyn for the Mt Evelyn History Group: http://www.mt-evelyn.net/hiddenhistories

Normally, each year, the Mt Evelyn History Group hold an exhibition featuring a historic topic to do with Mt Evelyn. However during 2020, Covid-19 restrictions in Victoria meant the exhibition wasn’t able to go ahead, physically at least.

Instead, we decided to hold an online exhibition. A series of short stories not many people knew of about the town. Some explained, some with mystery still surrounding them.

The design for the website is based on a vintage book, the green textured cover and dusty golden lettering. Inside each story has an ornate border, and photographs ‘sticky taped’ to the page.

Moving through the website has been kept close to the feel of a book, entering via the front cover to the title page and then the contents. From the contents you can choose a specific story, or just move forward and backwards to read through.

There has been a lot of requests to publish the stories into a physical book, a project which we are currently exploring.

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