Review – The Creative Designer’s Spectacular Toolbox

Design Cuts have released their latest design bundle, The Creative Designer’s Spectacular Toolbox, and this time it’s a mix of fonts, patterns, textures, illustrations and brushes.
As always, the extended licence is included in the price – allowing you to use them for personal and commercial projects.
Here’s a quick list (after edit: a bit longer than I expected) of what’s included and my review of each item.

Review of The Creative Designer’s Spectacular Toolbox
The Creative Designer’s Spectacular Toolbox

Wallflower Branding Collection
A hand written style font set, looks great for fashion designs, Instagram post overlays and custom designed printables sold through Etsy.
Would I use it? Only if I had a project coming up where I thought it would work.

The Brush Bar | 60 Drawing & Shading Brushes for Procreate
Some good looking texture brushes for Procreate to give a bit of rough style depth to your illustrations.
Would I use it? No, as I don’t have Procreate.

Hero Design Studio
Build your own superhero. Creators are big right now, and this one looks like fun, and it works in a range of programs. I can see this being used a lot of party theme custom printables on Etsy, comic book creating, and some family fun with younger kids too.
Would I use it? I can see myself using it to make a comic for my daughter, and maybe to design the base of some cosplay outfits for an upcoming job.

Overlays Collection
Various grunge overlay .jpgs to use on designs. I like these as they’re a bit different, using plastic to create the effect.
Would I use it? I can’t think of a specific project I’d use these for, but would experiment with them over some of my photography.

Artista Brushes for Illustrator
Some interesting texture and sketch brushes for Illustrator. A bit grungy, could be used for some comical and childrens book designs, but also for darker city style illustrations.
Would I use it? Probably not, they feel a bit too large/open for my style.

Pressed Floral Watercolor Collection
Hand drawn pressed floral elements which would look great on anything with a handmade or natural feel.
Would I use it? Yes. I like the addition of tape and a herbarium sheet which would be great illustrative details in a notebook.

Creolia – Typeface
A clean bold font. Has a bit of a discovery feel to it, as seen in a lot of the imagery.
Would I use it? Yes, it’s very easy to read and is just that bit different from every day fonts to make it interesting to use.

Universal Scenery Collection
A very diverse hand drawn collection where you can make landscape backgrounds, and patterns.
Would I use it? No. It’s very cute and does interest me, but I think it will be used a lot and it’s not my normal style so I wouldn’t do it justice compared to others.

Native American Brand Collection
A hand drawn collection that will easily allow you to make patterns, or use individual elements.
Would I use it? No, I don’t know much about native American designs, styles etc (not being from America).

Editorial Mixed Media FX Photoshop Plugin
Gives a mixed media affect to your photos/illustrations.
Would I use it? This one really intrigues me, and I think I’ll buy the bundle just to experiment with it. I think the photo/illustration needed for this to be effective needs to have a very strong fore-image and not much in the background, definitely more set-up shots over random daily snaps. I may have a post with some experiments in the near future.

Oceania Watercolor Animals Set
Some beautiful watercolour illustrations of ocean creatures, plants, landscapes and water backgrounds. It also includes an alphabet.
Would I use it? I’m a bit undecided, I do love the backgrounds and landscape illustrations, the ocean creates are also lovely, very detailed, if I had the set I would probably create a project to use it on.

Azure Turquoise & Gold Backgrounds
Blue watercolour and gold leaf backgrounds. Very pretty colour combination.
Would I use it? Probably not, nont of these stand out as my style and I already have a few designs similar.

Textured Shapes, Papers & Patterns
Some lovely natural illustrations including fern fronds and grunge textures.
Would I use it? Possibly the fern fronds and maybe the paper textures, but would have to come up with a project to use them.

Seamless – Pattern Creation Kit
This looks like an interesting one to play with too. You can use your own photos or illustrations to easily make patterns.
Would I use it? Definitely. It looks like it would make the pattern process a lot easier, and allow me to experiment with a lot more than I normally can be bothered with.

Dellfried Script
A handwritten font, slightly messy style but still readable.
Would I use it? No, this isn’t a font style I would use.

A bold vintage style font that also supports a 3D look.
Would I use it? Probably not unless I had a very specific project for it.

Botanical Seamless Patterns
Very colourful hand drawn nature elements. The elements are generic enough that they could be used for a jungle, or a desert, to an ocean scene just based on their colouring.
Would I use it? Normally I’d say no, as a pattern anyway, but I can see individual elements used in kids book illustrations.

Frames Films
Film borders, and textures, for videos and designs.
Would I use it? I may use some of the textures, but not the frames.

A slightly retro bold font. Very easy to read with a few interesting swashes. I can see it being used easily for headings and quotes, but not large chunks of text.
Would I use it? I would on the right project.

The Particle Cardboard Collection
A lot of cardboard textures.
Would I use it? No. I don’t see myself using these textures in a project.

Impasto Improv No. 1 Painted Textures
A small pack of very colourful painted textures.
Would I use it? I would probably experiment with these as overlays on a few projects.

Overall, I do like this bundle and will be purchasing it specifically for the Editorial Mixed Media FX Photoshop Plugin (looks like I won’t be getting rid of my Adobe subscription just yet, can someone make this for Affinity?), and to try out the Hero Design Studio and the Seamless Pattern Creation Kit. And the others are an added bonus to play with.

I think it’s worth the US$29
As a comparison:
Editorial Mixed Media FX Photoshop Plugin is $19 on Design Cuts,
Hero Design Studio is $24 on Design Cuts, and
Seamless Pattern Creation Kit is between $14 and $112 depending on the license type on Creative Market, not yet available by itself on Design Cuts ($112 is the extended license that Design Cuts are offering in this bundle).

The Creative Designer’s Spectacular Toolbox

This post uses some affiliate links, so if you purchase I get a benefit, at no extra cost to you.

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