Review – The Immense Vintage Treasure Trove

The Immense Vintage Treasure Trove is the latest Design Cuts bundle out this week, and it’s an interesting one.

I usually skip over bundles that are heavily vintage or font related unless there’s something that really catches my eye.
To be honest I only really looked at it in depth because I want to write this review, otherwise I would have looked at the thumbnail promos and thought ‘oh good, I can save my month this fortnight’. BUT looking at the mockups and what’s included has created an internal debate.

More about that at the end, lets jump in and see what’s on offer.

The Immense Vintage Treasure Trove

The World’s Greatest Vintage Collection
Over 1000 scanned and vectorised illustrations, backgrounds, patterns, sketches and a font.
Would I use it? Most I wouldn’t, a few would be useful to not ‘reinvent the wheel’ for some projects

The Vintage Assortment – Volume One
Original borders and illustrations scanned at high resolution.
Would I use it? I’m not a huge fan of this style, so no.

Worldcrafter Map Making Kit
A brush, vector and font pack to create map designs.
Would I use it? I love the old style maps, so would love to create some map designs. It works in both Photoshop and Affinity so that’s a bonus.

Vintage Newspaper Creator
Brushes, effects, templates and textures to create old school looking newspapers.
Would I use it? I used to be a journalist/editor of our local newspaper, and love the vintage style of newspaper design and writing so this would be a lot of fun to play with.
It works with Affinity (bonus points there) and Illustrator (which I would never use for creating a newspaper) which makes me feel like it’s just to make a mockup look for one page of a newspaper, rather than create a whole paper for printing. That may be it’s purpose but I’d rather have a creator that helps make the whole thing. It still appeals to my past journalistic experience.

Vintage Logo Creator Kit
Templates and shapes to make vintage style logos.
Would I use it? I got out of logo creating a long time ago. I probably wouldn’t use these for actual logos as you can’t stop someone else from using the same elements for their logo. But I would use them for making stylised designs for products like t-shirts and mugs.

Insects and Wildflowers Vector Set
Hand-drawn flower and insect illustrations, all vectorised.
Would I use it? Yes, these are beautiful.

Country Farmhouse Design Kit
Wooden, hand-drawn and scanned elements. Has a farmhouse/crafty style feel. It also includes an alphabet in three wooden styles.
Would I use it? Probably not, some of the hand-drawn elements would be kind of cute elements to designs though.

Fairy Garden Vintage Floral Patterns
Lots of floral patterns.
Would I use it? Yes, they are really nice looking patterns.

Victorian Lettering Creator Kit
Procreate brush sets for Lettering.
Would I use it? No, only because I don’t have Procreate. But it does look interesting.

Ved Relret
A decorative font.
Would I use it? Vintage style fonts are some of my favourites, so I have a lot of them. While this one is quite nice, it wouldn’t be towards the top of my list when choosing for projects.

Old Movie Titles Collection
Effects in Photoshop to make text look like old movie titles.
Would I use it? Honestly not sure, I can’t think of any projects I do where I would use it, but I do really like it.

Art Deco Elegant Pattern & Frames
Some nice geometric patterns and frames in an art deco style.
Would I use it? I have used an art deco frame from a similar set before. It wasn’t one of my favourite designs to do, but they are good in the right project.

Mourich Elegant Font
A minimal serif font in two styles. One is a thin elegant style, the second is bolder with a more rounded feel.
Would I use it? Yes, I quite like these fonts, the thin one more so, however the bolder style is quite easily usable as well.

1980s Synthwave Toolkit
Retro and Neon everywhere! Various elements to help you make retro style graphics.
Would I use it? Part of me loves this, part of me hates it. I’m not a huge neon retro fan, but I do love the minimal posters that can be created with it and wouldn’t mind coming up with some similar designs.

Vintage Stamps Brushes & Paper Scans
Photoshop brushes of vintage stamps and paper textures.
Would I use it? Probably not.

Secretary Typewriter Font
A typewriter style font with 3 slight variations for each letter.
Would I use it? Yes, I really like the variation addition as it’s random, and it’s a nice looking font.

Sacred Letter
A hand written style font. It also includes a vector set of doodles.
Would I use it? Yes, this hand written style has a beautiful feel and would be perfect for some projects. I wouldn’t use the doodles.

AL’s Halftone Action Pack
Halftone presets for Photoshop.
Would I use it? It would be fun to play with on the right photos.

AL’s Vintage Picture Automator
A Photoshop creator to make your photos look old and worn, it also includes some textures and gradients.
Would I use it? Could be fun to play with, but probably not.

Photoshop Victorian Styles
Give your text a nineteenth style effect in Photoshop.
Would I use it? Probably not, however if I had a project that needed this effect it would make things a lot quicker.

That’s all of it!
Again, as it’s from Design Cuts it includes their extended licensing.

So what do I think of the whole bundle now?
I’m still undecided, but leaning towards getting it before the offer ends for a few items. In particular:
Worldcrafter Map Making Kit – normally $24 on Design Cuts
Insects and Wildflowers Vector Set – not available yet on Design Cuts, but between $18 – $72 on Creative Market.
Mourich Elegant Font – $11 on Design Cuts
Sacred Letter – $17 on Design Cuts

This post uses some affiliate links, so if you purchase I get a benefit, at no extra cost to you.

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