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On December 8th, 1915 there were 38,500 Australian troops occupying trenches on Gallipoli, facing a larger Turkish force of some 80,000. Twelve days later they had all been evacuated from the Peninsula without the loss of a man and without the enemy knowing. In hindsight their cunning escape had become the only success of the whole Gallipoli campaign.

How they did this was helped in no small way by an ingenious invention created by twenty year old Lance-Corporal Bill Scurry, a self-firing rifle with a primitive timer that would convince the Turkish soldiers that the Anzacs were still in their trenches shooting at them when in fact they had long gone. It would earn for him the Distinguished Conduct Medal and the gratitude of those who had got off Gallipoli safely.

But this was only a small part of the Bill Scurry story. Descended from a long line of adventurers and creative geniuses, he inherited both these qualities and put them to good use during his time in the army in Egypt, on Gallipoli and throughout the Western Front. Then in the post–war era in support of his fellow veterans and on into service in another world war.

With a Foreword by Dr Ross McMullin, author of ‘Pompey Elliott’

Introduction by the Hon Tony Smith MP, Speaker of the House

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